Tao & Qigong


Experience a full connection with life,
your own energy and inner resources  

A four day workshop where you will discover your inner healing potential in an inspiring environment, in the middle of nature.

26 - 29 SEPTEMBER 2019

Venwoude, The Netherlands


Find you inner navigation

Get new insights into your life by tapping into your inner wisdom and connecting with your heart. You will learn how to deal with stress, to come home to your life and to find your „inner GPS“.

In this way you can experience a deeper freedom and find solutions for daily topics. And you might change your attitude towards yourself, your daily challenges, other people and the world.

East meets west

The workshop combines Qigong and Taoism, the wisdom tradition of the East, supplemented by western approaches for inner development, the best of both worlds. You will become more balanced, healthy and stable.


Carsten will lead you with lightness through an inner journey, where different elements become one organic piece. This enables you to get a new perspective in your life and to connect to your inner wisdom - your true nature.

This workshop is open for everyone. You don`t need any experience in Qigong or meditation.


All changes happen in the Now”
— Carsten Dohnke

Carsten explains his teachings and the importance of self-acceptance and integration in Qigong and Taoism (audio):

Audio passage from the Water-Qigong workshop in Belgium, May 2019

The teacher


Carsten Dohnke has 40 years of experience in Taoist practice, meditation, Qigong and martial arts. He studied with Shaolin masters in China for 4 years, has a master degree in Chinese studies and spent many years with world famous Qigong and Tao Masters such as Master Li Junfeng, and assisting and translating for Master Mantak Chia for more than 25 years. To get a clearer and broader view, he also studied western science, anatomy, philosophy and therapy work.


Throughout the years he has been inspired by many wisdom teachers during his silent retreats and collaborations in Asia, and still continues his explorations.

Carsten has a longing to bring people closer to their heart. He continuously looks for contemporary ways to guide them to their inner wisdom and to whom they really are.

He is able to create a safe and inspiring energy field, where everybody can develop at their own pace.

What the program includes:

You will learn the fundamentals of Qigong & Tao and Traditional Chinese Medicine for daily life.

You will create a strong foundation with Qigong, Tao and meditation. This will help you to deeply relax and to heal on a physical and emotional level. You will improve the connection to yourself, get stronger and feel more centered.

Wisdom practices such as field work and heart & communication practices, will support you to tap into our own inner wisdom.

Additionally, we will work with these special methods:

  • Inner martial arts: easy movements for inner freshness, vitality and a younger body

  • Sun-Qigong: movement and visualisation for lightness and flow, fill your cells with light, energy and oxygen

  • Special practices for stress relief, which can be easily used in daily life

The workshop will give you a profound experience with practical tools and exercises, easily implemented in daily life.


Every afternoon Carsten will give a sound & mantra healing, which enables you to fully relax and to get in contact with your inner self.
This will help you to feel supported in life, let go of old fears and develop inner faith.



For those interested in a long-term in-depth training:
The “Connect to your Inner Wisdom” workshop also serves as an introduction to Carsten`s new long-term training “The Art of Living Tao & Qigong - a deeper connection to life” starting on January 9, 2020.


Tao & Qigong
a deeper connection
to life


You will receive recordings after the workshop.
Teaching language: English.
Hand-outs will be in English and if possible in Dutch.
Assistant: Dewi De Waele
The assistance during the training will be in English and Dutch.


Thursday 26 - Sunday 29 September 2019

Thursday: 10.00- 20:00
Friday: 10:00- 19:00
Saturday: 10:00- 22:00
and Sunday: 10:00 to 17:00
(the times are flexible).

There is a longer lunch break every day (13:40 – 16:00),
so there is always enough time for eating in the center,
for walks in nature or for rest.

Any questions ?

If you have any question concerning the training please get in touch with us:

  • For any questions concerning accommodation, food and payment please mail to the organizers Guido Kwikkers and Joan Piersma: info(at)

  • If you have any questions to the content of the training, please don`t hesitate to connect with Carsten directly: carsten-dohnke(at) or give him a call.


4 days: € 425

for fulltime students: special price € 337

If you bring a friend who has never attended a workshop of Carsten,
you will get 10% discount for every friend you bring.

If you are inspired to take part in the training The Art of Living after the workshop, you get a reduction, if you book the training in the next 3 days after the class.



The Connect to your Inner Wisdom Workshop is at
the famous seminar center Venwoude in Lage Vuursche,
in a beautiful forest area
in the middle of The Netherlands.


Staying overnight at Venwoude

The booking of accomodation and catering is required.

The standard accommodation in Venwoude costs

€ 124,35 for 3 nights in a single room

€ 94,40 for 3 nights in a double room

There is also the option to stay overnight in the large seminar room (with own bedlinen) for € 55 for 3 nights.

Bring your own camper or tent: € 30 for 3 nights.

for 4 days: € 150
(3 meals per day, plus daily coffee breaks with fruit/pastries)

Rooms & catering all excl. VAT.


Payment information

Any payments can be done after receiving an invoice.

Once you have signed in, you will always be charged with an registration fee of € 25. If you withdraw your subscription before 31th of July 2019, we will refund the money except the registration fee. There are no refunds for cancellations on or after 31th of July 2019.


Vuurse Steeg 1
3749 AN Lage Vuursche
The Netherlands



It has given me a totally different quality of life, being able to connect with my center and inner power, and at the same time, approaching the world with an open heart.

— Jeanette P., Wiesbaden

“I never thought, that apart from learning the technical forms, such a deep process would occur, that would change my life so profoundly in a positive way. Especially the meditative aspect of the training has given me immense power, peace and lightness this year. I was able to let go of many of my old patterns.

— Dieter F., Rohrsdorf

“Concerning didactics, Carsten has the skills to teach difficult topics and at the same time spark his students with enthusiasm for Taoism and Qigong. His own experiences in life and of former trainings combined with sensitivity for the group synergy, valuing silence and also a healthy dose of humor are all present during his classes. It’s also of great service that we receive recordings of the training.

— Roth Günther, Dettingen

“Most things I hear about Carsten Dohnke, I found, could not express accurately how souverain he is as a qigong teacher and as a human being. His profound knowledge, his skillful pedagogic teaching and not in the least his conviction and passion exceed every expectation.

— Brigitte Burlefinger