A training for inner transformation, healing and spiritual growth

The goal and approach of the training is unique. You will gain a greater understanding of Qigong, meditation and Taoism, the wisdom tradition of the East, supplemented by western approaches for inner development, the best of both worlds. You will become more balanced, healthy and stable.

This 360 degree approach enables you to experience a deeper freedom, to unfold your potential and creativity and to connect with your inner core - your true nature.

Furthermore you might change your attitude towards yourself, your challenges, other people and the world.

This training is suitable for beginners and advanced practitioners.

If you want to have tools for the vitality and freshness of your body, handle daily life topics like stress, work and relationships with success and experience a deep personal growth beyond limitations, this training is for you!

Join us on a life changing, integrative journey
in the Netherlands - Venwoude

Starting January 9-12, 2020

Consisting of 5 modules in 2020 and 2021 (4 days per module).


Training for personal development

Qigong Teacher training


An introductory workshop ‘Connect to your inner wisdom” in September 2019 is open for anyone who is interested and who wants to get an impression of the training.


This training is a symbiosis of 40 years experience: Qigong, meditation, Chinese medicine, mystic, easy movements from inner kungfu, emotional healing, communication… are all combined in a practical system suitable for our modern times and for western life, enabling you to discover your authentic Self.


The training is based on three special concepts:

  • the concept of the elephant: 360 degree approach

  • the iceberg: different layers of healing & integration

  • the reconnection with your body

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The elephant: 360 degree approach   read more

The elephant: 360 degree approach

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The iceberg: different layers of healing & integration   read more

The iceberg: different layers of healing & integration

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In this training you will

  • find inner freedom and stability

  • learn a programm for a stronger, younger and or more healthy body

  • enjoy an inner healing process

  • learn to balance your emotions

  • reconnect with your heart, your energy and your inner resources

  • experience ways to deepen your relationships

  • learn tools to deal with daily life topics - work, stress, decision making

  • discover a gateway to your inner wisdom

  • open up to a natural flow of life

  • reconnect to your inner Source - your true nature

  • learn to unfold your creativity and inner potential

  • gain a deeper understanding of Qigong, Chinese medicine, meditation and ancient Taoist practices and their coherence

“ In these modern times, there is a need for rediscovering our body as a vessel:
to gain a deeper connection with ourselves, for inner transformation and spiritual growth.
To gain a deeper connection to life. “
— Carsten Dohnke

For whom

Be touched by life “

This training is for everyone with a deep interest in personal development, healing and growth.

Those who are not yet familiar with the wisdom traditions from the East are welcome. Those with experience and knowledge are invited to be inspired and share their wisdom.

The training could be for you if

You are looking for better health, emotional healing or support

  • you are looking for vitality, freshness, self-love or healing.

  • you wish to have inner power, flexibility and a stronger body.

  • you wish for clarity in a difficult life stage or a deep change in your life.

  • you are struggling with burn-out, chronical disease or need support in a healing process.

You are an advanced practitioner and ….

  • you already have knowledge of Qigong, Taoism and meditation and you would like to teach.

  • you are a coach, therapist, martial artist, or a meditation- , yoga- qigong-practitioner/teacher …looking for the next step.

  • you strive to grow spiritually and to understand more about the mystical approach: about how our divine Source can come alive.


The teacher

What do we need in these modern times? What does the planet need?”

Carsten Dohnke explores ancient and contemporary ways to establish a deep connection between body and mind.

He has the ability to guide people closer to their heart and to who they really are. Out of this connection, he provides tools for our daily life, for happiness, health and inner growth beyond our day-to-day experience.

Based on his own observations during three decades of teaching, he felt the need for an accessible training: one that is adapted to our modern life, at the same time deeply devoted to the ancient wisdom traditions.

This is how the Art of Living - Tao & Qigong Training was born.

Carsten has 40 years of experience in Taoist practice, meditation, Qigong and martial arts. He studied for 4 years with Shaolin masters in China, has a master degree in Chinese studies and spent many years with world famous Qigong and Tao Masters, such as Master Mantak Chia and Master Li Junfeng.

To gain a clearer and broader view, he also studied western science, anatomy, philosophy and therapy work.

Carsten’s partner Dewi De Waele will assist during the training.


The training


The Art of Living is an accessible training, offering Qigong & Tao practices with a mystical approach (for health and inner growth) supported by western techniques (for stress relief, self-care and re-connection).

With lightness, Carsten Dohnke will lead you through an inner journey, where the different elements become one organic piece.
In each module it will start to make more sense how the practices interact and become one (art) piece. This may lead to a new perspective in your life and to a connection to your true nature.

Each of the following practices will be covered during every module:


Qigong forms

Structure and energy work

Visualization practices


Mantras and sounds

Philosophy and theory

Medical aspects (TCM and
western healing methods)

heart communication

field work

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Making life a true art piece is not only about learning forms, techniques or meditation.”



Certification &


The Art of Living - Tao & Qigong training is open for anyone who wishes to be inspired for personal growth.

The training also serves as a basic training to become a Qi Gong Teacher, covering about 200 hours. After a final examination, consisting of a written and a practical part, a certificate can be acquired. Please contact us for more information.