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About the training

The basic goals of the training are self-healing and vitality, personal development and spiritual growth.

After 40 years of Taoist practices, mystics and inner alchemy, Carsten Dohnke has developed a training in which you increasingly connect with your body, your inner strength and life itself. You discover your inner healing potential and deeper layers of consciousness, in all kindness. And you will go through a program for a younger, stronger and more flexible body.

This training is for you if you are open for a deep transformation and wish to make your own experiences. You will receive tools that will help you to release stress, connect with your own resources and your inner core. You will also learn to deepen your relationships, to heal or support others, to unfold your inner potential and find ways to deal with daily life topics.

For those, who are interested, the training can also serve as a basic training to become a Qi Gong Teacher, covering about 200 hours. Please see details below.


The best of both worlds


Each module is an own story and contains a diverse combination of moving Qigong, meditation, Taoist practices and healing, silence, mantra practices and theory. This combination helps you to strengthen your life energy (Qi), to develop inner stability and strength and to become more vital, clearer and healthier. At the same time, the methods help to increase inner flexibility and serve as a bridge to enter greater inner freedom.


… meets West

As for the western approach, you will learn practices for stress relief, shadow work and self-reflection.

Moreover communication techniques and field work will enable you to open up to the creative ‚knowing’ field.

This will give your inner process extra support, in your daily life, in contact with others, and while unfolding your own creativity and your spiritual path.


All the separate practices come together during the process, becoming one new wholesome piece.

“Tao and Qigong - The Art of Living” is a training in the Taoist traditions of healing, meditation, movements, philosophy, nutrition, enlightenment and (self)-development.

Carsten Dohnke will share his knowledge in the tradition of Inner Alchemy and the mystical way of the Tao, supported by western approaches of inner development and stress relief. The training also offers a special programm for a stronger, younger and more flexible body.

You’ll practice and learn a wide range of meditation and healing techniques, effective qigong forms and mystical techniques. The training also includes Mantras and Sounds, the Tao of communication, Taoist sexual practices to transform your libido into healing power and spiritual energy, inner structure work, easy movements from inner martial arts, the foundations of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and taoist & buddhist philosophy.

The training is an inner journey of healing, self-awareness and growth - a journey to your inner core.

You will receive a comprehensive set of tools that can be combined to an individual exercise program for your own practice. In case you want to become a teacher, you can combine the tools depending on the different target groups.


Carsten Dohnke

Carsten Dohnke

Supported by Sound & Mantra

In addition - during each seminar day - Carsten will give a sound & mantra healing, which enables you to fully relax and to get in contact with your inner core.
It will help you to feel supported in life, let go of old patterns and fears and to develop inner faith.


A training for you…

This training is for everyone with a deep interest in personal development, healing and growth.

Those who are not yet familiar with the wisdom traditions from the East are welcome. Those with experience and knowledge are invited to be inspired and share their wisdom.

The training could be for you if

You are looking for better health, emotional healing or support

  • you are looking for vitality, freshness or healing.

  • you wish to have inner power, flexibility and a stronger body.

  • you wish for clarity in a difficult life stage or a deep change in your life.

  • you are struggling with burn-out, chronical disease or need support in a healing process.

You are an advanced practitioner and ….

  • you already have knowledge of Qigong, Taoism and meditation and you would like to teach.

  • you are a coach, therapist, martial artist, or a meditation- , yoga- qigong-practitioner/teacher …looking for the next step.

  • you strive to grow spiritually and to understand more about the mystical approach: about how our divine Source can come alive.

For all participants in general, a new inner connection through the body plus more inner power & courage can help you to transform old structures into new potential, which is yearning to be lived.

As a practitioner, you may wish to deepen your practice or bring it to the next level:

You are looking for tools to find more rooting, to strengthen your body or have a sense of direction with wisdom practices, body work, silence, Taoist practices, nutrition and Traditional Chinese Medicine, …
You would like to gain more understanding in the wisdom traditions from the East and their common source.



An introductory workshop ‘Connect to your inner wisdom” in September 2019 is open for anyone who is interested and who wants to have an impression of the training.


How the training helps you to

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Get a deeper understanding of taoist practices


Create inner strength and flexibility


Create a deep connection to yourself and in relations

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Learn practices for daily life

The training in detail

Carsten offers a unique combination where Taoist practices, meditation, mantra-practices, TCM and eastern tradition meet a western approach: for our personal inner process, in our daily life and in contact with others. This 360 degree approach (the elephant) is connected with with the concept of the iceberg: different layers of healing and integration (see approach). This makes it easier to achieve deep and comprehensive results.

Carsten Dohnke’s mission is to make the Tao alive, tangible…
As you will dive deeper into the Mystical part of the Tao, you learn practices such as communication and field work which enable you to open up to the creative ‚knowing’ field and to be touched by life, by the Tao itself.

Beginners or advanced practitioners of the Tao, those working as a teacher, coach, therapist, meditation teacher, those who are teaching or want to teach in the tradition of the mystical way of the Tao… all are welcome to deepen their practice in this unique training. 

During the training, you will learn how to build up your life energy Qi, strengthen your body and make it supple while at the same time immersing deeper in your heart.

Become a Qigong-teacher

The training also serves as a basic training to become a Qi Gong Teacher or a teacher for the mystical path of the Tao, covering about 200 hours. After a final examination, consisting of a written and a practical part, a certificate can be acquired. Most important to pass the practical examination is to master the program for a younger and stronger body, incl. water qigong. Please contact us for more information.

Eight fundamental ingredients

Topics and practices of every module are built upon these 8 basic ingredients


Qigong forms & movements

Inner freshness, vividness and vitality, “enter the flow of life”

Water Qigong
Five Element Qigong
Crane Qigong
Swimming dragon Qigong
Warm-up Programm, Movements from inner martials arts
Read more below


Experience peace and emptiness, develop presence and empathy, intuition and inner wisdom, connect to your heart, recieving energies from higher dimensions

The “emptying of the mind”
Heart meditation

Meditation while lying down

Meditation for deep regeneration & balance of the five elements

Visualization practices

Develop inner perception and healing ability, reprogramm your cells, self acceptence, reconnect with your body & your inner wisdom

“Nei Guan” (the inner vision, embrace & strengthen organs and glands),
The microcosmic orbit
Opening the inner channels

Practices of inner alchemy
Taoist sexual practices for healing & creativity

Philosophy and theory

Fundamental life principles, understanding Qigong, meditation Taoist practices and their coherence

The essence of Taoism & Qigong
Buddhism, Tao ,ego

Western concepts of the self
Principles of mysticism

Principles of inner alchemy

Stress relieve and psychomotorik
Realtionship and meditation

Working with trauma, avoiding burnout etc., dealing with crises etc.


Relationship & Daily life

Deepen relationships & friendship, developing empathy, finding solutions for daily life topics like work and challenges, unfolding your potential

Field work

Reprogramming emotional reactions

Meditation for inner wisdom

Structure and energy work

Being present, healthy and stable, developing rooting and a stronger body, changing old patterns

Centering your life energy

Iron shirt qigong

Development of inner strength
Training the fascia, tendons, muscle & meridian pathways
Opening of individual joint spaces
Taoist breathing school
Taoist Sounds for healing


Medical aspects

Effects on the metabolism
The internal organs
The immune and nervous systems

Western concepts for cell healing

Buildung up the intestinal flora
The 4 interactions of Yin and Yang

Five elements & our character
The meridian system & acupuncture
Taoist self-massage for hands, feet, knees and head
Chinese herbs for everyday life
Nutrition to strengthen the belly
Superfood for healing & longevity

The art of fasting

Wisdom and mystical practices

Understanding the essence of life, connect with deeper levels of your existence, feel supported from your inner source, developing trust and inner faith, getting insights, develop intuition and wisdom, getting a new attitude towards yourself, your challenges, other people and the world

Taoist healing sessions

Reading sacred texts,

Special meditations and silence,

Mantra & mantra ceremonies


Field work

Read more below


A program for a younger and stronger body

One of the special points in this training is, that you will go through a program for a younger, stronger and also more flexible body. This program is a combination of rooting exercises, like iron-shirt qigong, with inner Qigong breathing techniques, water qigong and refreshing movements for vitality from inner martial arts. In addition we have practices for cell healing and detox, plus the knowledge of Traditional Chinese Herbs and western food to build up blood and qi or to stop inner inflammations. Maybe you know some of these ideas already, but the combination is quiet new and will have a deep affect: your life quality will improve significantly. You will feel younger and fresher, but also more vital and happy.

But the program has even a deeper meaning. As you might know our mind and body are deeply connected. Therefore there will be many positiv changes in your personality: you will feel more stable and emotionally balance, you`ll be more flexible when you face challenges and new situations. And you will encounter life and other people with more openness and joy. Your courage to take the next step in a new direction will grow. Summarized in one sentence: The program for a healthier and stronger body will help you to let go of old life patterns and to return to the innocence and exhilaration of a young child with an open heart. This state of openness and frehness is important to get in concact with your authentic self - your true nature.

In case your wish to become a teacher for Qigong or a teacher for the mystical path of the Tao, the program for a younger and stronger body is essential for the practical exam.

Our Qigong Practice

Every Qigong has its own focus and thus has different effects. As Crane Qigong helps to return to a state of “lightness of being,” the Swimming Dragon Qigong rejuvenates by supporting cell renewal and strengthening libido. In the Qigong of the Five Transformation Phases, you will learn to enter a state of deep inner peace through the combination of movements and sound.

Qigong movements help you let go of old emotional and body-structures. Furthermore: Every Qigong-form you learn in this training will also open a new door to unfold your inner potential and healing power. Additionally, by practicing different styles and forms, the essence of Qigong becomes more accessible to you in the context of Taoism.

The movements of Water Qigong are a combination of simple, flowing movements together with various breathing exercises. They refresh, rejuvenate and revitalize the whole body, creating lightness and vitality. The movements connect us directly with our inner liveliness. From the different movements, you can create your own program for yourself or for your students (see also above).

Healing Sounds & Mantra

Life in its essence is vibration and sound. Healing sounds and mantras have a long tradition in the East and in Taoism. They have an uplifting or analgesic, calming effect or cause Qi to flow or internal blockages to melt. You will also learn important mantras from the Buddhist tradition. Through the direct path to your heart, Mantras will have a profound effect on your entire existence.

One of the mantras you will learn is the mantra Amitabha. This mantra does not only help to fill the body with light and dissolve old patterns. It also supports the healing process or helps to accompany people in the dying process. Many awakened Masters have come closer to awakening with the help of a mantra.


Tao of Communication & Field work

Other important elements are the Tao of communication and field work. These tools connect you with your potential, help to integrate your shadow sides and to get a deeper perspektive of your life and daily situations. You will learn to connect with deeper layers of your existence, get in contect with new inner resources and find solutions for daily life issues. Furthermore you might get unexpected insights, who you really are, what is important or in which diretion your heart, your life wants to unfold. Field work and Tao-communication bring you into a state of inner wisdom - as if you meditated already for a very long time.



The Traing “Tao and Qigong - The Art of Living” consists of five modules, that build on each other and create a deeper story.

Generally Carsten will start with an open module, where he introduces the training (see workshop: connect to your inner wisdom). After the training different open mudules for special topics are offered.

1. The Essence of Life

Basic practice: Water Qigong and meditation, Qigong-warm-up, easy movements from inner martial arts, Tao-communication, meditation and more.

Content & Theory: principles of life and Taoism, basic principles of Qigong, introduction to TCM and psychomotoric.

Benefits: after this module you will have a complete Tao-starting packages for your training and your daily life. A package for your physical and emotional needs and your spiritual growth.

2. Experience inner Peace

Basic practice: Five Element Qigong and Water Qigong II, movements from inner martial arts II, mediation, Tao-coomunication and more.

Content & theory: the balance of Yin and Yang in daily life, Five Elements and the connection to our character and emotions, experience of inner peace, silence and a deep connection to life, the importance of our center.

Benefits: you will feel a deeper connection to yourelf, to life and to other people. And you will handle daily issues with more ease.

3. Reversal of the aging process

Basic practice: Iron-Shirt Qigong and rooting, Taoist sexual practices, meditations to return to the innocence of a child, introduction to Inner Alchemy, Taoist breathing practices and Tao-Yin, - Taoist exercises for the lower back

Content & Theory: Principles of Mysticism, medical theory for cell healing, the concept of the ego and Tao, meditations for longivity and cell-healing.

Benefits: you will feel more joy, freshness and stability. And you will master a programm to rejuvenate yourself and to change your emotional state.

4. Developing trust and faith

Basic practice: Taoist healing work, Qigong for rejuvenation, meditation, field work and Tao-communication, water-qigong III

Content & theory: principles of healing - dealing with trauma, revision, etc., principles of spiritual currents, entering deeper states of consciousness, the transpersonal and mystical dimension, connect to you inner core.

Benefits: you will have more self-esteem energy and clarity and feel a deep support from life - going together with a new trust and faith.

5. Enter the flow of life

Basic practice: Crane-Qigong, opening the inner channels, easy movements from inner martial arts, Tao-communication. Future meditation and field work to solve old entanglements

Content & theory: Five Elements, Tao and Ego Part I, understanding your existence and its connection to past and future, becoming flexible and fluid in your mind and body, being able to change your emotional and physical state.

Benefits: you will enter the flow of life with your whole being and experience a new joy and lightness. Your past will be a support for you - you future an creative adventure.

Optional and additional modules after the training (also open for new participants) :

6. Beyond Life and Death

Basic practice: The Mantra Amitabha, a traditional mantra ceremony, additionally: sun-qigong for deep breathing and calmness, meditation for healing and inner emptiness

Content & theory: life and death, dissolving old patterns, connect to your heart and your true nature.

Benefits: you might get a glimps, of who you really are - you will have more clearity, what life is, your love and compassion will grow and all your cells will experience an inner cleaner and healing process.

7. Experience Simplicity

Basic practice: High energy Qigong - for cell breathing & opening of inner energy centers, the perception of energy fields, experiencing the simplicity of being, coming in contact with the primal qualities of the organs

Content & theory: developing intuition, communication from the heart, understanding fields, the connection of simplicity and enlightment.

Benefits: you will enter a deep calmness and stillness and deeply recover, as if you have vacation for a very long time. You will feel at ease, out of the games of daily life, and get access to a deeper field of knowing.


Dates and times

The dates of the different modules and workshops:

Optional introductory Modul 26.-29. September 2019 “Connect to your inner wisdom”
(open for everyone who has a general and strong interest for the training)

Module I. 9.-12. Januari 2020

Module II: 23.-26. April 2020

Module III: 24.-27. September 2020

Module IV: 14.-17. Januari 2021

Module V: 15.-18. April 2021

After the training 2 further modules with special topics will be offered:

Module VI: dates still is open

Module VII: dates still open


Thursday: 10.00- 20:00
Friday: 10:00- 19:00
Saturday: 10:00- 22:00
and Sunday: 10:00 to 17:00
(the times are flexible).

There is a longer lunch break every day (13:40 – 16:00),
so there is always enough time for eating in the center,
for walks in nature or for rest.



Training of 5 modules
Each module 4 days

Full price € 2627
Early bird price € 2497
(book before 1st of November 2019)

For fulltime students (age -27): € 1497

Please contact us for information on monthly payments.

For people that did the training before in the Netherlands: € 1875.

If you bring a friend to the training, you will receive an extra reduction of 10% for every friend you bring.
This friend must be new to the trainings of Carsten.

Payment information

By subscribing to this training, you agree to the payment terms:

  • If you want to use the early bird discount, your complete payment has to be on our bank account before the deadline of the early bird discount (1st November 2019).

  • Any payments can be done after receiving an invoice.

  • If you want to withdraw your subscription, there will always be a charge of € 50 for administration.

Any questions ?

If you have any question concerning the training please get in touch with us:

  • For any questions concerning accommodation, food and payment please mail to the organizers Guido Kwikkers and Joan Piersma:

  • If you have any questions to the content of the training, please don`t hesitate to connect with Carsten directly: or: 0049- (0)163 923 5081




We are very happy with our location:

Landgoed Venwoude

Vuurse Steeg 1

3749 AN Lage Vuursche


Rooms & catering

  • One person room € 124,35 for 3 nights excl. VAT/BTW

  • Double room € 94,40 for 3 nights excl. VAT/BTW

  • There is also the possibility to sleep in the seminar room.
    You will have to bring your own sleeping gear.
    The costs are € 55 for 3 nights incl. VAT/BTW.

  • Bring your own camper or tent: € 30 for 3 nights.

  • Catering € 150 excl. VAT/BTW for 4 days and 3 nights


Personal support during the modules

This is a complete training, including personal support in between:

  • Any short questions in between can be addressed to Carsten and his assistant Dewi De Waele.

  • There will be two webinars in between for participants.

  • There will be a facilitated way to exchange information and experiences with the group (Facebook, Whatsapp or similar)

  • Every module will be recorded on mp3. These recordings are included and available for every participant.

  • There will be a written protocol of every module made available for every participant.

  • Some movements and Qigong forms will be recorded on video and made available for all participants.

During the training and the process, there may be need for coaching and more extensive assistance:

Extensive questions or a need for personal coaching by Carsten in between can be requested: € 80/hour.